Trust and Surrender

We are all powerful individuals with unique gifts.
When we learn to let go and trust ourselves, together, we can make the world a better place. 

You actually have a lot less control than you think.

Life often just happens, and we can either choose to go with the flow or resist it. Over the last few years, I’ve learnt to identify the ways that I was resisting life. Things I’ve done in the past to keep myself safe, I’ve realised those things don’t need to be there. I can let them go and still be okay. The key is identifying those self-sabotaging behaviours, observing them, becoming aware of them, and gradually replacing them with different ways of thinking. When we learn to surrender, we become unstoppable.


From dark despair to anutterly
fantastic life!


Since I was young, growing up in the southeast of England, I have been curious and enjoyed learning new things. Some things stuck (cooking), others didn’t (piano!). The world felt full of opportunities and things I could do.

I enjoyed the satisfaction of doing things well and getting things done. I worked hard, met deadlines and was super-efficient. This approach worked well, so when I started my career, I could quickly adapt to any environment. I gained the trust of my colleagues and took on any task with gusto!

To my friends and family, I probably looked successful

But in reality, I spent most of my twenties working too many hours.

I ate terribly and suffered from tight shoulders, a clenched jaw and RSI from too much mouse-clicking!

I met my husband in my thirties, and we started a family. But I knew I couldn’t keep up with work demands and be the mum I wanted to be. So, I retrained as an interior designer. 

With that, a creative void was filled. 

But things soon fell apart when I didn’t set boundaries

Plus, the stress of it all wasn’t being offset by any financial reward.

So, I returned to the corporate world, thinking I could “catch up” with peers who had been on a more linear journey. I integrated back into that world easily, using the approach that had always worked for me: work hard, be efficient.

But there was a huge piece missing. I wasn’t fulfilled. 

In fact, I was more stressed, more frustrated, and more resentful than ever before. 

Now, I was desperate. And it was dark. 


At that moment, I knew I had to make a change. Only this time, own it.

I started meditating every day to help with my stress. That gave me a new perspective and a way to cope with my frustrations. I took a skills assessment and based on the results, retrained as a coach. 

This is when everything finally changed. 

Every time I coached someone, I felt something ignite within me. I felt like I was making a difference.
It felt SO good.

I started working shorter hours to give myself days off to recharge. I used this time to learn new creative skills (everything from rag rugging to willow basket making!)

I took some time to think about what lit me up and the mark I wanted to leave in the world.

And now, after three years of working on myself, I feel utterly amazing!

My life has completely changed.

Now, I understand that by trusting and surrendering ourselves to life, we can become unstoppable. 

It’s my passion to help women like you feel the same 

You, too, can have a deep understanding that your circumstances do not define you.

We all have something unique to contribute to the world. When we slow down, look after ourselves and look deep within, we can uncover and reawaken a power we can harness for the greater good.

When we put aside the limiting beliefs life has given us, we learn to step into the best version of ourselves and believe in it, too. We become an unstoppable force of nature. 

This is your chance to change.