One full year of coaching.

One small investment.

Shine Your Light:
52 beautifully designed coaching cards full of exercises, visualisations and mindfulness techniques for just £24.99

Deep down, something feels off

It’s time to acknowledge that you are at the centre of your life’s challenges. It’s time for change. But where do you start, especially if therapy or coaching feels like a financial step too far right now?

Introducing the Shine Your Light Cards

You won’t find more comprehensive coaching cards anywhere else

These cards are your guide to a richer, more fulfilling life. Designed to be more engaging than simply reading a book, select one card per week for a successful year-long journey full of purpose. 

Priced at only £24.99 plus shipping, they’re accessible to all. 

What You Get:

52 Thought-Provoking Cards

Each card offers a teaching, reflective question and exercise to inspire personal growth.

Beautiful, Aesthetic Design

The cards are visually appealing, making them a joy to use and display.

Guided Practices

Guided meditations, visualisations and embodiments that will help you cultivate mindfulness and inner peace.

Downloadable Worksheets

Worksheets to make the themes and lessons really stick.

Premium Content Access

Deepen your experience with an optional upgrade to premium content.


Ideal for personal use or as a special gift

The cards are perfect for anyone looking to start their self-discovery journey. Or as a thoughtful, empowering gift for a loved one. Keep them in your handbag, on your desk, or next to your bed, as a daily reminder of your path to a more calm and fulfilled life. 

Self-paced. Minimal time investment

You can start the card coaching process at any point in the year, whether it’s the middle of March, or the final week in November. You don’t need to wait for the perfect week, or month. That’s the beauty of this self-paced option. You choose. You’re in control. 


Step out of the shadows and into the light

Gain awareness of how you think, respond, and behave. Feel empowered to make choices that are aligned with your true values. Embrace your intuition and creativity, and start your journey to a life filled with purpose. 


Purchase now for £24.99

Buy your 52 Shine Your Light Cards today, and begin the transformation to reaching your best life. Remember, it’s not just about finding answers – it’s about rediscovering your joy and trusting in the journey. 

Order now and take the first step towards a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life.

Premium upgrade £89.99

Once you have bought and registered your cards you can take your learning further with full premium access for £89.99. 

Get everything included in the standard card price, plus lifetime access to:

Premium meditations, visualisations, and embodiments 

Additional deeper worksheets 

Priority access to workshops, events and courses; valid for one year

Personalised email support


Looking For More?
Add the Shine Your Light Journal!

Journaling plays an important role in the mindful journey
of self-rediscovery

This journal was designed to complement the Shine Your Light Reach Your Best self-rediscovery coaching cards, although it can be used independently of them too.


I have been journaling for several years now.

I select my journal with love and attention, and I have poured that into this journal because I want you to be inspired to open your heart to it with your thoughts, reflections and dreams.

This is a beautiful, sparkling, linen-covered Shine Your Light journal that fits in your bag, or neatly by your bed, and has enough pages for a year’s worth of journaling.

I’ve also discovered that it’s useful to track other things that are going on in my life that impact how I show up on a daily basis; what I have been up to (doing), how much I have been listening to myself (being), my menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle (yes this really does impact me!), my sleep and what I eat.


Purchase now for £22.99

Buy your Shine Your Light Journal today, and add this beautifully-crafted journal to your journey of self-rediscovery.