Stop sabotaging your own success!

This 7-week group coaching programme will help you uncover the things that are holding you back.
Now, you can finally reach the deep peace you desire.

Do you constantly try to

please others and avoid conflict?

You’ve probably made many sacrifices over the years. And because your focus is on making sure everyone else is happy, you often feel resentment. Sadly, anxiety and angry outbursts are your new normal. These self-sabotaging behaviours can leave you feeling scattered, impatient, and trapped in a cycle of perfectionism and overcommitment. If this sounds like you, it’s time for a change. 


Together, we’ll overcome

those pesky saboteurs

Become the unstoppable force you’ve always longed to be. This 7-week group journey will help you identify (and overcome!) the inner voice that controls and sabotages your life. Learn to intercept these negative influences. Rewire your mind for positivity. And turn every challenge into an opportunity for unstoppable growth. 

What You Get:

Saboteur Assessment

This straightforward quiz will identify those pesky negative voices so you know exactly what’s holding you back. 

Daily Practices

Just 15 minutes/day of app-guided practice helps you to establish mental muscles (neural pathways). 

Mobile App

Access the Positive Intelligence mobile app wherever you are so you can fit your bite-size daily exercise easily around your busy schedule. 

Weekly Videos

Hour-long videos to further explore our weekly topic. 

Weekly Group Sessions

45-60 minutes of group discussion and learning on Zoom.

1:1 & Group Chat Support

Continuous support through a private WhatsApp group.

Wider Community Support

Access to a global community of like-minded women for additional learning and support.

Want to take the FREE Saboteur Assessment now?

If you’re curious about how you might be sabotaging your success, take this free quiz to find out. I guarantee that you’ll experience some light bulb moments!

What we cover:

Structured into weekly themes, the programme includes:

Week 1

Preparation: Get to know each other, make sure you have the app downloaded and you know where everything is. We run through how the programme will work. 

Week 2

Boost Self Command: Develop greater mastery over your own mind, quiet the negative, and activate the positive region of your brain. 

Week 3

Intercept the Judge: Learn to identify your Judge’s voice so that you can choose to put it back in its box — this is incredibly liberating!

Week 4

Accomplice Saboteurs: This week, we will gain a deeper understanding of the saboteurs you uncovered during the saboteurs quiz. 

Week 5

Shift to Sage: This is when the magic starts to happen! You will learn to practise the Sage Perspective that every challenge can be converted into a gift and opportunity.  

Week 6

Boost Sage Powers:  Here we learn to generate the gift through the 5 Sage Powers of Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate. 

Week 7

Taking Action & Continuing Practice: You have now developed the three core mental muscles, this week, we will put your learning and progress into action!

What Past Group Members Think:

Hear from clients who have experienced profound changes through this programme.
Whether it’s gaining clarity, focusing energy, or strengthening relationships,
the feedback is consistently positive and transformative.

“I’ve been keen to try life coaching for a while – just wanting to get back to my pre-lockdown/pandemic self but not sure how to go about it, being naturally suspicious of “pseudo-science” and being trapped in an expensive endless cycle with the “results” always just out of reach.

I joined the PQ Programme after doing a very effective short email course with a final in person session with Claire Thomas. It felt like the right price point and the right amount of time commitment (just a few minutes a day) with a credible scientific basis and Claire herself has a calm and sincere approach that inspires confidence.

Starting out it felt almost unbelievable that such simple steps could make such a big difference to mindsets and the relationships in my life (both personal and professional), but sure enough noticeable changes began to emerge. One day I suddenly noticed I had rediscovered my capacity to feel joy. 

Claire is a really supportive coach and great at making the programme relatable to your actual life. She’s friendly and reassuring and generous with her time. The “pod” group always felt like a judgement-free zone and really inspired me to keep at the challenges – however imperfectly it felt like I was doing at them. It really has changed my mindset and was really worth the time and investment.”

– Bimpe Archer

Stop Self Sabotage:
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