Work with me on a deeper level

See the biggest, boldest results when you join me for some life-changing one-to-one coaching. 

Does this sound like you?

You’ve lost touch with who you truly are. You’re constantly putting others first. Taking on more work than you can handle and feeling under-appreciated. You might feel like you’re on autopilot, missing out on the fulfilled life you once dreamed about. Deep down, you know you’re special. But you’ve completely lost touch with that
side of yourself. 

I will help you reconnect with that vibrant, powerful being inside you

My one-on-one coaching will reawaken your inner power so you can reach your best in all areas of your life. Drawing on a blend of coaching, mentoring, mindfulness, other techniques like The Splinter Method™, and the latest neuroscience techniques, I will help you rediscover the joy, confidence, and unstoppable power you’ve
always had within.

My approach focuses on five key areas:

Slow Down to Speed Up

Learn to appreciate the moment and focus on what brings you joy.

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Be the director of your life, facing challenges and embracing change.

Practising Self-Compassion

Throughout all aspects of your life, for better mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Facing Challenging Situations

Deepen relationships and earn respect by embracing authenticity and with assertiveness.

A Life in Balance

Evolve your boundaries and intentions to retain power and meet your evolving needs.

What my clients say…

Claire changed my thinking from negative to positive. She gave me a safe place in which to voice the really personal fears I was having, and by my speaking of them, I was finally able to accept them. That alone was a big step for me.

Having a regular session with Claire meant I had a placeholder for issues that I wanted to deal with, whereas in the past, they would’ve been hanging around in my head unresolved and if I hadn’t have had coaching I would still be stumbling back at those early stages.

Working with Claire has enabled me to work through my challenges- at a pace that helps to make up for the lost time I had trying to do it myself.

– Mrs. B.

I am a self-starter with a protagonist personality, but struggle asking for help. After one call with Claire I did things that I had been putting off for a while, because I was afraid to fail/feared rejection. Claire’s energy was so infectious that it pushed me to do what I was afraid to do; to look at things from different perspectives. She just radiates positive energy. Then when I was going through a personal crisis Claire reached out to check in on how I was doing. In a world where people are focused on their own issues, that call meant the world to me. It gave me hope to pull through.

– Roseline Abuto

Claire is a diligent and dedicated coach. I would highly recommend working with her. She takes a practical yet empathetic approach. Her methods helped me work through some of the changes I needed to make to improve my overall well-being.

Her methods helped me get to the ‘how’ and our regular meetings meant I stayed on track and I could keep building.

A positive, life-enhancing experience. Thank you Claire!

– Caroline Walker

Is this right for you? 

It’s normal to feel like investing in yourself requires permission or validation from others. But here’s the thing: valuing yourself is the first step towards transformation. You deserve this journey. It’s not just an investment in yourself; it’s a commitment to a happier, more fulfilled life. But I get it. You still have some questions. Book a FREE discovery call, and we can chat through anything on your mind. 



How long does each coaching session last?

Each session is personalised to you. Typically, sessions last about an hour, but this can vary based on the coaching plan we create together.

Is there a commitment for a certain number of sessions?

The number of sessions varies based on individual needs and goals. We can discuss what will work best for you during our initial chat. Generally I like to work with 1:1 clients for at least three months. Transformation doesn’t take place overnight and we will work at the pace that is right for you. 

What if I’m new to coaching and mindfulness?

No problem! My coaching is designed to be accessible and beneficial to both newcomers and those with previous experience. This is a journey and we start wherever you are, regardless of your experience. 

Might group coaching be more appropriate for me?  

Group coaching provides a supportive environment where you can share experiences, learn from others, and benefit from a collective journey of empowerment. Visit my group coaching page to learn more about this option. 

How do I know if one-on-one coaching will work for me? 

If this question is still playing on your mind, let’s chat. I only want to work with women who I know will benefit from my coaching style and who are committed to having an incredible life. Book a call and find out if we’re a good fit.