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The Importance of workplace inclusivity - an array of different shades of coffee cups

The inportance of workplace inclusivity

Inclusivity is so much more than a tick box exercise. It can have incredible positive contribution to the success of a business. Happier, more engaged employees that are loyal to a great culture. Innovation and collaboration that ensure business longevity even in the toughest of times.  Read this article for Corporate Vision that explain more here.

Mindfulness techniques to instil calm during chaos - image of a mentally overloaded person

Mindfulness techniques in times of chaos

Connecting with your breath, box breathing, mindful walking, mindful eating and mindful creativity are great ways to ensure that you stay calm in the midst of our busy daily lives. Read this article for YOMU Magazine to understand more how these tools can transform how you show up in your life.

How to instil calm in chaos with mindfulness. Image of sea at sunset.

Instilling calm during chaos

We can often feel lost in the hustle and bustle of life with so much going on endlessly. Yet mindfulness is a great way to find calm among the chaos. In this article for Workplace Wellbeing Professional I share 4 ways that you can bring a little calm into your day-to-day life. Be sure to read more here.

Everything is different through a lens of calm!

Finding balance in overwhelm - feet walking along fallen tree trunk

Finding balance in overwhelm

When we are feeling overwhelmed, imagining a way to find a better balance can add to the overwhelm. In this article for YOMU Magazine, I share 5 signs you can look out for to recognise that you are overwhelmed and offer some tips on how to find the balance that is right for you.

How to be a conscious leader. Image of woman holding mug "World's Best Boss"

How to be a conscious leader

Have you heard of conscious leadership? What does it take to become a truly conscious leader into today’s world?

Take a look at my article on conscious leadership in Maddyness. I talk about how conscious leadership is different from other leaderships styles and how it helps create a workplace that people want to be in. Learning conscious leadership takes more than a one-day offsite it’s a way a being BUT it can be learnt. Read more here.

Tree on side of mountain "Wellbeing trend: Mental Fitness"

Wellbeing trend: Mental Fitness

In this article in Story, I offer my thoughts on the best, in my humble opinion, wellness trend of the moment – mental fitness. Find out what mental fitness is all about and how you can incorporate it into your life. We are all faced with challenges – it’s how we respond to them that makes the difference! So make sure that you give it a read. Find out more about my mental fitness courses here.

Catinca Nestor - Empowerment through mindfulness

Empowerment through mindfulness

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that came so easily, even though you barely know them, that you feel like you have known them forever?

This is what happened when I was interviewed by Catinca Nistor from Qonversations.

We spoke about empowering women, celebrating femininity (for all not just women!), and how to find peace through calming our nervous system.

I share a mindfulness technique and you get to see how Catinca felt before and after – just going to show how powerful these techniques are in shifting our awareness.

This is a natural, authentic conversation and I know you will love listening to it.

Inspirational Female Founder Spotlight: Claire Renée Thomas

Inspirational Female Founder Spotlight: Claire Renée Thomas

I was honoured to be featured in this spotlight on Inspirational Female Founders for International Women’s Day by The Successful Founder.

Have a read to find out a little more about my background and how I came to start Reaching My Best. I discuss the keys to success, the challenges I have faced and how I have overcome them. I stress that I am on a journey. I have so much to experience still but know that you can take an entrepreneurial journey too.

Curious about the 5 people that inspire me the most are? Take a read!

Woman working outside on laptop

The benefits of a "workcation"

Since Covid there is so much more flexibility in where we work.

Have you weighed up the benefits of taking a “workcation”? – working from a remote location that’s not your home. In this article that appeared in the Daily Mirror and PA Media you can read the best way to ask your boss for a workcation and my thoughts on what the benefits of a workcation are.


Image of woman working outside in a cafe

The win-win of remote working

Most of us think about working from home when we talk about remote working, but have you thought of taking a “workcation”?

There is a lot to consider when taking a workcation. Communication with your manager and employer is key, but it’s also important that you still get to take some time out as well.

In this article that appeared in the Irish News and The Yorkshire Post, read how to get the most and make your workcation a win-win for all involved.

Do You Carry the “I’m Not Good Enough” Belief?

I remember how shocked I was when I became aware that I had some underlying limiting beliefs that I wasn’t good enough. How could that be when I had a stable, loving upbringing. Yet this is a belief that many of us hold unconsciously. So how do you know if you have it and how do you go about changing it? Read this article that I wrote for Startups Magazine to find out.


It’s the Good Habits That Make the Difference

When we talk about habits our minds generally go straight to the unhealthy habits; sugar, alcohol, smoking, vaping… Yet when we use the power of habits for more positive healthy behaviours it can make all the difference in our lives. In this article on iNews I give some tips on healthy habit building. It’s worth a read! There are some golden nuggets from a wealth of different experts.

Everything Changes. It’s Possible to Change Your Career at Any Age

As much as we are creatures of habits everything around us is constantly changing. This includes the workplace! So what behaviours are we adopting or shedding that will help set us up for success in 2024? In this article from Stylist I share my thoughts. Read it here along with tips from other experts.

Workplace Conflict Has Further-Reaching Consequences Than We Think

There are many reasons why conflict in the workplace arises and whilst some seem to have no fear facing conflict head-on, for many of us burying our head in the sand is a preferable option. In this article for Real Business, I discuss how to cope with being in a work environment with conflict and offer some guidance on how to turn conflict into a great working relationship.

Sharing Kindness to Overcome January Blues

As a likely sufferer of SAD, January can be a tough month with the joy of Christmas festivities feeling like a distant memory, but with the long, damp nights remaining.

It’s been proven that when we carry out acts of kindness to others the positive impacts remains with us. Take a look at some of the great suggestions that I made alongside other experts in this article published in iNews.

How Do We Strike the Right Balance Between Work and Life in a World That Places So Many Demands On Us?

In Courtney Pochin’s article on how to achieve a health work-life balance 5 steps to having a healthy balance are detailed with the expert opinion of Professor Sir Cary Cooper, an organisational psychologist from the University of Manchester. Alongside his 5 steps I was honoured to provide my own tips on being clear about home and work boundaries. Read the article here as posted on Metro.


Did You Know That We All Self-Sabotage and That It Limits Our Potential and Productivity in the Workplace?

No-one is immune to self-sabotage. It’s a human condition. So how do you know of you are in self sabotage and more importantly how can you stop doing it. The answers to these questions can be life-changing. Find out my thoughts on this in an article I wrote for Workplace Wellbeing Professional.




We All Need a Little Creativity In Our Lives!

I love all things creative and I love to try a new skill. Some stick while others pass. But what they do give me is a space to be. A way to slow down and create something unique and beautiful. We can all access this incredible skill if we give ourselves the time to and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone – forgetting those beliefs that “we can’t draw”!

In this article for the Metro, I share some of the benefits of these creative pursuits.

The Ripple Effect of Being an Inspiration

I’m delighted to have appeared as an Inspirational Female Founder in The Successful Founder. Different people inspire us for different reasons and I truly believe that we are all inspirational. In this profile about me, you can read how I came up with my company, my plans, my tips for success, and the 5 people that influence me most.