Dissolve your unconscious vows with

The Splinter Method™

Feel lighter and calmer, with a renewed sense of clarity, purpose, and joy.

Feel like you’re hitting invisible barriers in your life? 

Despite all your efforts and strategies, progress seems impossible. You’re caught in recurring patterns that leave you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Whether it’s frustration at work, feeling trapped in your personal life, or struggling to actualise your dreams, these challenges might stem from deeper, unconscious vows you’re currently
unaware of.


Introducing The Splinter Method™

Forming part of my coaching toolbox, The Splinter Method™ was created by Dr Ezzie Spencer, specifically for women who feel blocked and unable to break free from those unconscious cycles. This method is a gentle, feminine process that guides you away from the rational, problem-solving mind and into the profound depths of your unconscious self.

If you:

  Feel stuck in the home life that you have created, unfulfilled at work, and see no way out without hurting others

  Have a dream (for your life or business) but can’t set the plan in motion, or have tried many things and nothing seems to be working

  Or maybe frustrated that a work colleague has been promoted ahead of you, despite your level of experience


The Splinter Method is the solution you’ve been searching for. 

How It Works:

Initial Assessment

We will begin with a FREE 30-minute discovery call to determine if The Splinter Method™ is right for you. Sometimes, women might not be a good fit, so I like to check this before any
payment is taken. 


Session Scheduling

These sessions are usually part of a 1:1 coaching package. However, one-off sessions may be available at my discretion. Book an initial assessment to discuss your options. 

Duration of Sessions

Each session lasts up to 90 minutes, providing plenty of time for in-depth exploration and guidance. I’ll make sure you feel safe and comfortable throughout the process, so, although it’s normal to be nervous, you’re in safe hands. 


Approach and Methodology

The Splinter Method™ is a gentle, feminine process focusing on shifting from the rational ‘doing’ brain to accessing the unconscious ‘being’. This method is not about forceful change but gentle uncovering and understanding.

Uncovering Unconscious Vows

During the guided session, you’ll connect with your unconscious mind to identify any unconscious vows made or given in the past. These vows are often accompanied by blocks or splinters, hindering your true potential and essence.

Removing the Blocks

Once these unconscious vows are identified, the method works to ‘remove the splinter’, thereby unblocking and allowing you to return to your True State—your soul’s essence.

See profound results in as little as one session

After a Splinter Method™ session, you’ll feel a profound shift. You will leave the session feeling lighter and calmer, with renewed clarity and purpose. This is your gateway to greater joy and fulfilment, allowing you to approach life and its challenges with a refreshed perspective.

Book a Discovery Call

Want to know more? During your 30-minute FREE discovery session, we’ll explore whether The Splinter Method™ is the right fit for you.

It’s not a pushy sales call. Just a relaxed chat to get to know each other and check we’re a good fit! 

Each Splinter Method™ session costs £247.

I am thrilled to share the incredible coaching experience I had with Claire. During our session, she demonstrated remarkable skills in listening and perceiving what remained unspoken. In just one hour, Claire guided me to a profound realization that left a lasting impact on me. It was truly an extraordinary experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking transformative coaching.

 – Rhonda

When Claire used The Splinter Method on me, she was compassionate throughout and I felt held in the space so I that could really feel into it. What was released for me was a huge piece in my healing journey and I felt the relief instantly.

 – Emily

Wow, that was an amazing experience. Claire supported me on a topic that I had a hard time to dig into. She used The Splinter Method and guided me. I felt safe and taken care of during the whole process. I became aware of things that have been invisible to me before. I was able to find and “remove” the splinter and got excellent guidance on how to move forward.

Thank you so much for this experience, Claire!

 – Iv